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How a Professional Book Cover design is the most important thing to sell books

Buying a book is a not that simple process as it looks like. There are different books, by topic, quality of the book, design of the book, and many more things that are participating in choosing the right book. Also, there is one more thing that appears like the most important of all. Book cover. What it’s going on about that book covers? Well, there are many million reasons because book cover design can be the first and the last thing that matters too many sellers, when choosing and buying a book. Professional book covers are making a boom in the book industry. Why?

Here in this article we will discuss about the things that are proving that book covers have great influence on sell process of the books.

What is the first thing you notice when you are in book store?

It’s cover! Right?

Book buyers are shopping books with their eyes. Maybe this is not very good when talking about the quality of overall book, but for the book cover design designers, this is good. Actually, really good. When the customers are passing through the shells they are noticing book that have a high quality covers that are unique and attractive. If you want a high quality cover, then don’t go with a usual painting and don’t DIY base on a YouTube videos. Always contact a professional book cover design designer instead of trying yourself to make a professional and high quality book cover. Always make a little research of other book, for example on Amazon, that are in your genre and take good and avoid bad sides of them, so your book cover design will stand out there as a unique and amazing between the others. Font and pictures, both the overall design should be taken in a serious way, when making a professional book cover. You can always take a look at the best and awarded book cover designs and get some ideas and motivation for your own high quality book cover. Of course, your book must have a good and interesting content and well known author, but if you want your book to rise to the top sellable books, than the dynamic and attractive book cover design is a must have thing. With today’s technology and digital possibilities there are huge possibilities that can be used in making a professional book cover. The high quality book cover design today can be made easily and the design of the cover is head and shoulders above what the book covers were few years ago. A book cover design is the first thing that a customer is noticing and it can make a last longing impression on them. As our brain is processing the images faster than words, this actual process is normal, for most of us. A great and attractive book cover design can make us feel something and get connected with the book and what is more of a benefit, we instantly make a feeling that is the right book for us and we make a decision for buying the book, no matter the content and the author. So, we can easy make a statement that if the book cover has a good level of emotional appeal to the customer and a great power to entice readers, then a high quality and professional book cover is a real turn on for every client possible. If the book cover design look nothing more than a usually photograph catalog image with a bad lettering or quote, then it is very probably that the customers will pass over that one, and directly catch an eye of book that has high quality cover. It is a non written rule that if the book doesn’t have good cover and the author did not dedicate enough time and efforts to make the best designed book cover, then he probably did not put time and effort of the overall book. When it comes to the sell process, it is also very well known that the connection between book cover and great sales is clear and big. The better the cover, the bigger the sale. A high quality book cover design with a good reader reviews is a killing combination for a great sales and the combination that will bring the author fame and profit at the same time. A great and professional cover can make a brand out of the author’s ideas and lead him to the top of the best book cover designs. So, the most important thing  is that a book cover look professional and to be easily read and to have a distinctive and readable typography and font, the harmonious cohesion of the overall cover should also be present so the art – image/picture and the font/typography don’t fight each other. The most important elements of a professional an high quality book cover are simplicity, professional design, good layers, smart and well combined use of colors, readable text with appropriate font and well based targeting. The book cover design is not only important for the shop buying customers but also for the online sale of the book like for example on Amazon, E-bay, etc.


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